Tween 'Tats

By popular request, we announce Tween Tats. Has your child outgrown our younger child designs? Not quite ready to give your child his or her own mobile phone? We hear you! Tween Tats are for kids who want a fun, great looking, more mature Tat design. Your child may already know your mobile phone number, but what about when he or she travels with friends? Or sports? Or Scouts? He probably does not know the adult-in-charge’s mobile phone number. I.C.E. In case of emergency, offers a quick contact for your child when away from home, and is super cool to wear. Great for school field trips or traveling in large groups.

Temporary safety tattoo with one line of customization. Original SafetyTats last from 1 to 5 days (we recommend applying a new Original SafetyTat each day) Choose your design, select a quantity, and add your phone number. Original SafetyTats are more like traditional temporary tattoos and require water to apply. When applied, Original SafetyTats will vary with skin tone. Click here to see close up how the Original SafetyTat looks on skin.

To read application instructions, click here.

Original SafetyTats are available in quantities 24-48-72-96 starting at 19.95
And include one line of customization

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