“I think it is the best idea and it worked perfectly when we took the kids to travel to Disney. So glad you could bring this idea to life.”

—Carrie S.

 “This is a no-brainer. I keep them in my wallet at all times. I still watch my son like a HAWK, but this added safeguard gives me more peace of mind.”

—Mike M.

 “Who wouldn’t want these safety tattoos!”


I dropped my daughter at a friend's birthday party Saturday. I told the mom in charge, 'If you need me, my phone number is right here!' And pointed to where her SafetyTat clearly showed my cell phone number.

—Kaye L.

“I think they’re great to have in a busy holiday airport as that is always one of my most overwhelming spot, while we head through security with 4 kids, a stroller and a laptop!”

—Melissa E.

"As a father of four young children under the age of six it can be a safety nightmare going to crowded public places. SafetyTat has provided me with the comfort and added security of knowing that if I’m ever accidentally separated from a child, someone will have my necessary contact info immediately available. The best part is my kids think they are really cool, too!

—Doug W.

 “I love them! I love them! I love them!”

—Kelly L.

“Fabulous - I'm so excited! An ingenious product as I have often debated the civil liberties of implanting a micro-ID like in dogs or a gps chip- this is so much better!”

—Jennifer J.

 “I saw this on Nancy Grace tonight. What a great idea!”

—Cheri L.

Thanks for your prompt shipment. We are very pleased with the Tattoos, my 2.4 yo daughter is very into them and whines when they are worn off, or gone completely. We are now faced with the struggle of explaining to her why we don't wear them all the time, especially when we are home! Thanks for a great product.

—Jeff D.

 “YOU ROCK! The marker thing is so over. Thank you!”

—Amy A.

 “Great Idea! Thank you for creating a design for non-verbal autistic children. It gives parents some reassurance if our children become separated from us in busy venues.”


I am a babysitter and use your product all the time when I take my little clients on outings. Some kids are taught their parents phone numbers from a very early age, but how many kids know their babysitters phone number? I am so blessed to have found your product and it makes me feel much more at ease knowing that my info is available to them at less than an "arm length" away. Thanks -

—Lacie M.

I ordered SafetyTats for my daughter and my son, who has Autism. They both love wearing the tats, especially my son, who is generally sensitive to anything applied to his body. These give me peace of mind when I'm out with he kids since my son is non-verbal. We get comments all the time about how cool these are and I recommend them to everyone. Fantastic idea!

—Jenny P.

 “What a brilliant idea! Someone in my office just compared it to the invention of post-its or white out. Fantastic!!”


"I am so paranoid that my girls who are now 4 and 7, will get lost from me in a big crowds, even at school or church events and in the past I have put in their pant pockets or attached one of my business cards to their clothes for that very reason. The tattoos are so much more comfortable for the girls and I like that it is visibly seen in case they are injured and I am not around. "

—Amy E.

"We just took my almost two year old to Disney World. I was worried sick about our toddler who was now fully mobile yet unable to communicate if she became lost. To add to the worry, we'd also recently found out that she has a severe peanut allergy. Despite the fact that she wears a medical alert bracelet (with our phone numbers inside) I felt better about the SafetyTat because it was right there in the open, but that it was "stuck" on her unlike the bracelet which she has became wise to being able to take off! THANK YOU for making part of my trip much much better!"

—Leeanna E.

We returned from a family trip to Disney World with our active, 3 year old daughter. I put a SafetyTat on her forearm and gave her instructions on what to do if she got lost. I was asked a million times by parents where I got the tattoos. Although we were very lucky and our daughter never got lost, the SafetyTat felt like the insurance policy you never wanted to use. It gave us the extra peace of mind we needed to allow her a little bit of independence (afterall, who wants to be strapped into a stroller for 8 hours?). SafetyTats definitely made our vacation so much more enjoyable for all of us!

—Meghan U.

"I ordered about a month ago and this past Saturday we got to use one of my sons tattoo while visiting an amusement park. He is 3 years old so when we arrived there we showed him what a park person was wearing and told him to show his upper arm to the person should he not be able to see or find Mommy or Daddy. He talked a few times throughout the day about it. We are so glad to have purchased these tattoo's. It's a WONDERFUL GREAT idea. One of the best purchases I have made to help with the safety of my son."

—Danielle M.

"I purchased the Safety Tats for my 18-month old back in May thinking these would be GREAT to have 'just in case' since Allison is too young to know her phone number. We were at Disneyland this past July and I put one on her arm 'just in case'. I had extras, so I put one on my 9-year old niece and 6-year old nephew also. While waiting in lines for rides, I was asked by 17 people–yes, 17 mothers–all asking me 'where did you get that fantastic tattoo?' Each of them told me what a great idea that is and they wished they had something like that for their young ones. So, I naturally passed on your website. GREAT PRODUCT!!!"

-Betsy G.

I ordered your tattoos for my son and his cousins. They all went to Disney World with my parents a couple of weeks ago. I felt so at ease knowing that our cell phone number was on their arms in case of an emergency. They told me that a lot of people asked about the tattoos and were really impressed with such a great idea! Thanks again for making such a great idea come to life! I will use them on every vacation we take from now on!

—Customer for life, Kristi W.

"I wanted to thank you for not only getting my tattoos printed very quickly to make our trip, but for also having such a great product. I have twin almost three year olds, and I purchased the tattoos for a trip to Sesame Place. The girls loved them...thought they were cool. I loved them...another helpful safety item in place in case something happens in a busy theme park. Hopefully I got you more sales, as everyone asked about them and wanted to know where we got them. Best of luck to you guys and thanks again!"

—Soraya K.

"This summer, I took my 4 year old to Disneyland, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo. I heard someone talking about SafetyTats, and decided to investigate. What a fantastic idea! While she never left my side, I felt so much more secure because of the SafetyTats. I showed them to other parents I spoke with on the trip, and all of them agreed it was a great product. Thanks for the peace of mind!"

—Jeff Z.

This safety tattoo is a much better option than a plastic bracelet ID because of cost and the differing sizes of little wrists. It gives schools an affordable option in keeping kids safe when students are away from their controlled campus area. SafetyTaT eliminates the hazard of bracelets getting caught on something or lost, for the SafetyTat is applied directly to the skin. Parents appreciate the peace of mind that a displayed phone number offers when their children are in a crowded off-campus situation.


—Amy G., Mom and teacher

"As an ex-deputy sheriff, retired military, and current police officer, I have had the misfortune of having to find parents/guardians for a lost child. If that child had some kind of non removable identification our job would have been much easier. I gladly endorse this tattoo as means of identifying and reuniting children with their parents or guardians.

—Officer Dereck D.

"I love the new designs! the 2 lines is a great idea! I love my SafetyTats and my kids like them too! They know when we go somewhere, they get their tattoos on. I've been telling everyone about them (teachers, moms, people in the autism groups). Keep up the great work!"

—Stephanie M.

"I brought our Safety Tats to Disney last week. I can't imagine going to Disney and not take some safety precaution. They were great! My two boys thought they were big fun. They will be on my packing list for every trip, right up there with sunscreen and ibuprofen! Thank you!"

—Lindsey A.

“They worked like a charm!! Thank you SafetyTat; you made our Disney trip a breeze...”

—Roxanna V.

"Kids and crowds yield concerns for parents, caregivers and security personnel. As a law enforcement professional, I regard SafetyTat as a necessary, easy, and indispensable safety precaution. I can recall innumerable occasions when SafetyTat would have helped expedite the return of lost children to their parents saving both the parents and their children unnecessary trauma. I see SafetyTat as important to parents with young children as are seatbelts in their cars or smoke detectors in their houses."

—Tom Rice, Officer and Fmr. Homeland Security

"Just wanted to thank you for such a great product! I used your tattoos for my boys on our recent Disney trip. I had such a peace of mind knowing that I was doing all I could to keep them safe and this was one more added assurance. In the event the unthinkable happened, it gave me comfort that they would have my cell # right there on their arm along with an alert that they have severe food allergies, and were not to be given any food until returned to me. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product!"


"We ordered some for my three year old to wear on our trips and outings. Today was the first real time we've used them and they were a great success. While I'm glad to say the tattoo wasn't needed, she wanted to show her spaceship to everyone. Several of the parents and the police officer she showed it to were as impressed with them as I am. While I didn't keep any less of a vigilant eye on her while we were at the fair, the Safety Tattoo made me free better knowing that if she did wander away it would be all the quicker that she would be returned to me. The Safety Tattoo made me less anxious about the crowded venue so I could enjoy the day at the fair with my little one all the more. Thank you."

—Amy W.

"Thank you for the safety tattoos for our Vacation Bible School. Each child was excited to get one. We had no emergencies, thankfully, but it was a relief to the leaders to know the contact number was at hand, or should I say arm, rather than having to run to the office and search through 60 parents consent forms!"

—Liz N.

"I just wanted to say how much I love your product. We recently went to Disney World and ordered SafetyTats for our two children and they worked great. They were easy to put on and lasted through all the sunblock, swimming and every other abuse a kid to put on something. Everybody that saw them on their arms asked about where we got them and thought they were such a good idea. On top of all of that, we did not have to worry as much about our children getting lost. I have been recommending your product to anybody I know that is going on a vacation. I just thought I would say thank you for your product."

Brian C.

I was a little stressed in preparation for our family vacation to Disney World worrying a bit about the crowds and how our two children might be separated from us. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember where I first heard of SafetyTats, but I am SO HAPPY that I did!!!

I purchased the Safety Tattoo Travel Kit and before venturing out to the Disney parks on our first day of vacation, I made sure that our 3-year old and 9-year old had their SafetyTats on. I felt that if the 3-year, God forbid was separated from us, my contact information was immediately available to anyone that found her and reminded our 9-year old that mommy and daddys cell phone numbers, should we get separated was safely on his arm. He need only look down and have a staff member call us. Happy to say that neither child was separated from us, but it made for a much less stressed vacation knowing that, should either of our children get separated from us, we were just a phone call away.

Now about how long they last. What are these things (Quick Stick Write-on) made of?? Steel???? I've never known of ANY product that lasts as well as these did. Our children swam with them on, bathed with them on, sweated, ran, slept, you name it. The ink in which we wrote our cell phone numbers, with the pen that SafetyTat provided to us, didn't smear or fade, even after hours in the pool. After 6 days of wearing the same tattoo, they were in the same condition as they were when I placed them on my childrens arms. I am beyond impressed.

These will be purchased by our family for every single trip we take and will be recommended to everyone we know with children! We will also be using them for school field trips, and family outings. BRAVO SAFETYTAT for an AWESOME product!!!!!!!

We're hooked!!!

Jackie N.

As a satisfied customer, I just wanted to let you know that this past weekend we took my 2 year old son to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the first time. I had ordered a set of safety tats months before and was happy to place one on his forearm so that it was easy to see. Just in case, right?
Well thankfully, we never had to rely on it because my son didn't get himself lost, however, I had so many compliments and questions about the tat from nearly every parent we encountered. I happily let them know about your website and where to get there own, and was quite proud of myself for feeling like a responsible mama. My next little boy is due in July, and you can bet I'll be ordering more when I have to put them on the both of them.

Thanks so much for providing this awesome service! I really felt secure knowing that my little one had info on him just in case we got separated. It really helps a vacation go smoother.

Elisse H.